About Us

Claire Jensen Style was created to help empower, and build confidence for their clients. We focus on creating a positive dialogue around body image and educating our clients about how the clothes we wear can impact the way we see ourselves and how we feel.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with picture perfect images on social media, it’s easy to see why we all struggle with self esteem and negative self perception.

Claire Jensen, founder and lead Stylist, decided it was time to initiate change.  With a background in visual merchandising in the fashion industry and formal qualifications from the Australian Style Institute, Claire felt that the power of dressing could help people change those self-perceptions.

With her passion for fashion and strong knowledge of design and style elements, Claire understands the importance of presentation and attention to detail. Throughout her own life, Claire experienced the issues and pressures we face day to day when it comes to appearance and identity.

We believe fashion can help to build self-confidence, as well as being a lot of fun.

Claire Jensen Style is here to help you:

  • learn to identify your personal style
  • create a workable wardrobe that fits your lifestyle
  • embrace positive body image
  • never say, “But I have nothing to wear!” again

Embracing your personal style isn’t about changing everything about yourself – it’s about finding the clothes, trends and styles make you feel strong and confident. When you feel good in the clothes you’re wearing, it shows.

Check out our Packages to see how you can uncover your most confident, stylish self today!

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What Clients Say

Both Amy and I learnt so much and it has totally raised her confidence level in her ability to move outside her comfort zone and trust her own instincts. Both hugely valuable attributes every mother wants for her daughter. Thank you!

Grace, Mother of Client Amy, 14

This styling session wasn’t only valuable in that Claire helped me to find an outfit, but it was valuable in that it helped me to boost my own self-confidence. Claire’s constant encouragement and honesty made me see myself in a different light, which really made me feel special at my school formal.

Markella, 16

Claire considered what I was comfortable wearing and my price range and managed to show me how to wear different things casually and how to dress them up. She was a joy to shop with and made the usually terrifying task very enjoyable.

April, 18

Let’s work together to create your most confident style yet!

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